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Makes Sense.

Information and tools to demonstrate MARC's immediate value.

The Fastest ROI in the industry

We are extremely confident that you will, like so many others have, find multiple areas where MARC can save you money day after day - starting on day one.

MARC is by far the easiest autonomous solution to implement!

  • Set up and use in under 10 minutes in your facility!
  • No facility preparations.
  • No connectivity needed.
  • No IT involvement. 
  • Extremely economical and transparent pricing.

Completely transparent pricing

16x9 monitor with MuL SHOP web site Most automation solutions require a complex assessment and quoting process. MuL product pricing is completely transparent, and all pricing can be viewed in out online shop: shop.multechnologies.com 


Great entry point for automation

If you are looking to leverage the benefits of automation but are unsure how to get started, MARC is a great option! Implementation takes just a few minutes - literally - without any need for facility changes or updates, and no training required because of its simple operation. Adoption rates are also high - once people are aware MARC is an available tool, they appreciate its usefulness and find it very approachable. 

Great addition to automated facilities

In facilities that are highly automated, MARC helps fill a void in the automation options that are available. People are already very familiar with the underlying cart - and find it so simple to use that adoption on the floor is very high. MARC can help prevent the lost time caused by associates pushing carts around instead of concentrating on the tasks they were hired and trained to do - even in the most modern facility.

Two modes of operation for flexibility

Active Map mode:
While in Active Mapping mode, you can take MARC to any location in your facility and that area will be added to the map. This allows anyone in your facility to instantly leverage the benefits of automation for tasks lasting an hour or a day. When their task is complete, they can simply turn MARC off and everything is reset. This allows anyone else to use it for a pending task - anyone can use MARC to save strips regardless of the consistency of those requirements day-to-day.

Fixed Map mode:
If you have a use case that will require stops at consistent locations day after day, you can use MARC in Fixed Map mode. Unlike Active Map mode, when you transition to Fixed Map mode, all programming is maintained. This allows you to eliminate the non-value-add time for the same programmed runs, day after day, month after month. This also allows for battery swapping to a fully charged battery for constant use across multiple shifts. 

A few images of MARC for external use:

MARC in warehouse loaded MARC in warehouse loaded transparent background MARC features overview MARC model dimensions

over of brochureHere's a PDF product overview with details for sharing.

quick_start_guide_icon Quick Start Guide - demonstrates how easy MARC is!

16x9 monitor with MuL DEMO VIDEO web siteHere's a 4-minute video that shows implementation.

Virtual Demos - an easy way to share MARC!

Share MARC with your team in a live, interactive demo from anywhere.

virtual demo

We have become very adept at showing MARC off using our virtual demos. Seeing is believing, and these live demos are a great way to help your team understand just how simple MARC is.

Reach out to Sales or book one online here: www.multechnologies.com/demo 

Take a peek at our common questions and answers here: MuL FAQs 

pdf icon PDF version of the Product Data Sheet


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