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MūL Introduces MARC at MODEX 2020

MūL Introduces MARC® at MODEX 2020

Hans Dittmar
Mar 31, 2020

MARC® Makes a Splash at MODEX 2020

The MūL team traveled to Atlanta for the MODEX 2020 trade show to introduce MARC to the material handling world. People were consistently impressed with the simplicity and surprised by the low cost. When we showed people how easy it was to use, they quickly found many use cases in their own facilities.


We have an exciting new product that we’re introducing here at the show, and that’s our MARC cart, which is a Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart.

We say that we’re offering “Robotic Carts for the Rest of Us”™, because a lot of the companies that have automation, even here at the show, you need to start with 30, 50, 75 or $100,000 per unit, and for a lot of people that’s just not practical. They are trying to figure out how they can get into the world of automation without spending that kind of money.

Our offering is something that’s completely independent – it’s Wi-Fi free, and doesn’t create any issues with your current infrastructure. In order to use the cart, you actually just push it to where you’d like to program it, and you press and hold a button for 5 seconds. It’s essentially the same thing as programming the radio in your vehicle.

We have an offering that allows you to recognize an ROI in a much shorter fashion than most of the robotics that are out there. Learn more by clicking the button below! 

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