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Learn how easy MARC is to use at Automate 2023

Hans Dittmar
Apr 6, 2023

We can teach you how to use MARC in
2 minutes at Automate 2023

We'll be at Automate 2023 in Detroit May 22-25 in booth 1326.

Trade shows offer an exciting opportunity to learn more about MARC and how easy it is to implement. We can show you how to use it in under 2 minutes! You'll be amazed!

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MARC really is the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart for “the rest of us”. If you want flexibility and simplicity with all the benefits of sophisticated technology at an affordable cost, you should use MARC!

Wondering why MARC is the best AMR choice?

  • Wi-Fi-Free, MARC does NOT require Wi-Fi or any other connection!
  • NO software to install.
  • MARC is programmed by simply moving to a location and pressing a button.
  • MARC dynamically avoids obstacles in its path - a true AMR.
  • Laser and camera guided navigation makes MARC smart and safe.
  • Easy-to-remove/swap long-life battery for NO down time while charging.
  • MARC earned the title of "Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin" 2020.
  • You can get a MARC for only $14,995.

MARC is the most cost-effective AMR in the market, giving "the rest of us" an affordable way to get all the benefits of automation without the huge investment.

We hope to see you at Automate 2023 in Detroit!

PS: Did you know that MūL has completely transparent pricing? You can see everything there is to see in our online store!


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