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MARC® 3 Series Overview


MARC® is the "Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin"

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MARC 3470

Wi-Fi Free Mode™

Operate within 10 minutes of receiving!
  • Requires no infrastructure changes — no need for IT involvement.
  • Truly self-guided autonomous operation.
  • Eliminates internet security concerns.
  • Avoids obstacles in real time with continuous route planning.
  • Starting at only $9995.00 for extremely fast return on investment.

Typical Use Case

  1. Manufacturing — As products are manufactured, MARC is loaded and operator presses 2 to send it autonomously to inventory area.
  2. Inventory — Products are pulled from stock and loaded onto MARC and puller presses 3 to send to final inspection.
  3. Final Inspection — Once products are ready for shipment, inspector presses 4 to send loaded MARC to shipping area.
  4. Shipping — Shipment is loaded onto truck and once the cart is empty, loader presses button for the destination where they would like to send MARC for next task.

Model Options

System Dimensions

Sensor Overview

Combination of 3D Cameras, Lasers and Proximity Sensors Create a Complete View

  • High resolution 3D depth cameras allow MARC to see at extreme angles and operate safely.
  • LIDAR scans the environment in realtime to build a completely independent map that is used to navigate through an ever-changing facility.
  • 16 proximity sensors create an anti-collision system with 360° view of the area near the cart.
  • Internal 3-axis digital gyroscope combined with a 3-axis accelerometer for measuring tilt, acceleration and shock.
  • LIDAR scans 360° at 8000 samples per second measuring at a distance of 12m with 1° angular resolution and 2mm distance resolution.
  • 16 proximity sensors with 2m range and 1mm distance resolution.
  • 3D camera with up to 1280 × 720 active stereo depth resolution at up to 90 fps. Active IR stereo depth technology with a field of view of 87°±3° × 58°±1° × 95°±3°. 
MARC 2470 sensor overview

Sensor combination creates a full view.

System Details

Key Detailed Specifications

  • MARC starts at just $9995.00!
  • Less than 2 minutes from power-on to ready state.
  • Supported temperature range from 0° C to 60° C in non-condensing humidity.
  • 2.8” (7.1 cm) of ground clearance.
  • All metal components are heavy duty and coated for corrosion protection.
  • Electrically isolated motors which allow for the cart to be pushed manually.
  • Push-to-kill red emergency stop button for added safety.
  • Illuminated ON/OFF button for clear visibility.
  • Up to 200lb / 90kg maximum payload during autonomous movement, 500lb / 225kg while pushing manually.
  • Reverse voltage, over-voltage and short circuit protections.
  • High bright colored LEDs for visual indication of events, status and issues.
  • Brushless DC motors with independent motor controllers.
  • Software includes environment mapping, planning, navigation, obstacle avoidance and control running real time.
  • Dual speakers provide audio notifications.
  • 6 or 15 key user interface with integrated graphical color displays behind each key for bright, clear identification.
  • Automatic real time diagnostics and visual cues for proximity sensors, LEDs and battery level.
  • Keyed, locking connectors to ensure proper cable connections preventing incorrect wiring.
  • Operates in forward and reverse direction.
  • High-resolution encoders attached to each wheel.

Battery Pack and Charger Information

  • Up to 8-hour life under typical usage.
  • 24V, 10 or 20 amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack with internal BMS (battery management system).
  • Duty cycle of 800 charge/discharge cycles.
  • 3 amp, 100-240VAC battery pack charger.
  • Keyed switch for securing battery pack in place and providing power.
  • Integrated battery level indicator.


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